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Yes, lines. It's definitely because of the food.

One, because great cheesesteak and great roast pork places are often one in the same and two, because John Bucci Jr. The walls of his cinder block shack in deep South Philly are lined with awards and articles from people who agree.

LibriAmoriMiei: Review : The Good, the Bad, and the Guacamole by Rebecca Adler

Why all the fuss? It's because of the care John's lavishes on every sandwich: grilling the beef loin to order, scooping out the center of the hefty Carangi rolls so all 12 ounces will fit, protecting their customers from the Whiz. John Jr. Northeast Philly stalwart serving brawny, slab-style sandwiches Steve Iliescu has been the Prince of Steaks in Northeast Philly since he opened his first stand near the Roosevelt Mall in -- the name was both in tribute to Pat's King of Steaks, and his claim to successorship.

In recent years he's made moves to expand his kingdom into Center City, and most recently, West Philly. The old-fashioned -- a pizza steak with fresh tomatoes instead of tomato sauce -- is a favorite here. As previously discussed, cheesesteaks are proud street food.

What is Kobo Super Points?

Some of the menu options here are also highly nontraditional, like a buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese dressing, or an all-veggie option featuring raw baby spinach with balsamic glaze. Old fashioned, this is not. And yet… Sibling co-owners Electra and Dimitri Poulimenos are the second generation of one of the families behind Astra Foods , an Upper Darby company that supplies steak meat to food service operators.

Electra and her brother also know rolls, judging by their choice of Conshohocken Bakery , which produces a wonderfully firm and flavorful roll that's rarely seen outside its own Montgomery County. Call me a Cleavers convert.

List Of Double Dare Shows

There is no Sonny, either; Mogell was just looking for a name that sounded Italian. That said, this is a case of a student outperforming their teacher, with tender, flavorful ribeye slabs on soft rolls, and slices of American or provolone melted on the meat. Sonny's prime location and late weekend hours make it a popular stop post-clubbing in Old City -- your call as to whether that's a good or bad thing.

The only high-volume shop with chopped steak that's worth the wait Pat's and Geno's may have the neon glitz, but Jim's is the only one of the big cheesesteak three that has the sandwich goods. It's is one of the few shops in town to make their cheesesteaks with top round -- rib eye is generally the cheesesteak meat of choice, but rib eye can be as fatty, gristly and tough as it is flavorful.

Top round doesn't have those same problems, at least not the way it's served at Jim's: finely chopped and blended in with big chunks of caramelized onions and without a hint of sinew. There was also, for whatever reason, not much of a hint of my American cheese, so Whiz might actually be the better choice here. Keep an eye out for the framed pictures of past and current employees here, which sit alongside the expected ones of celebrity patrons like Joe Frazier, Ving Rhames, and former Mayor Michael Nutter.

This is a chopped-style steak, cooked to order with your choice of cheese, and placed on a fresh roll with quarter-sized onions while you wait in a very short-to-nonexistent line at the enclosed walk-up counter. More than that I cannot say -- because in this era of endless self-promotion, Little Pete isn't really interested in publicity. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Steve's Prince of Steaks. I regularly send out-of-town cheesesteak pilgrims to Pat's and Geno's -- for the neon, the scene, and history every bit as significant as the Liberty Bell.

When it comes time to actually eat , though, there are better cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, one of which can be found a mere five minutes away from Pat's and Geno's iconic cheesesteak triangle. You just have to know where to look… and after nearly 20 years studying and eating cheesesteaks across the city, including visits to more than 60 stands to produce The Great Philly Cheesesteak Book , I have more than a few ideas. You don't have to be from Philly to love cheesesteaks, but it helps. Philly's population is just over 1.

Cheesesteaks are not artisanal and they are not gourmet. They are street food, which needs no apology or upgrade from truffle oil, aioli or anything else. Share on Facebook Pin it. How the Cheesesteak Became a Philly Icon It all started one day in , when hot dog vendor Pat Olivieri, fed up with eating his own product for lunch every day, visited a nearby butcher and got him to slice some meat thin enough to cook it on his hot dog grill. What Makes a Great Cheesesteak: The Basics First off, you want a super-fresh roll that's soft on the inside, but crusty enough on the outside to hold up to a mighty mess of cheesesteak ingredients.

What Makes a Great Cheesesteak Even Better Especially here in the city of its birth, a cheesesteak's greatness is as much about the place that sells it -- and the people who serve it to you -- as the actual bread, meat, onions, and cheese. This city blends mountain scenery, indigenous life, and wonderful architecture. There are numerous language institutes to choose from. This series of limestone pools and waterfalls in the middle of the jungle is known as one of the most beautiful places in Central America.

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This six-day hike will lead you through steamy jungles, mud, and mosquitoes to the newly discovered Mayan site still being excavated. One of my favorite things to do in Guatemala is visit the farms; think coffee, cacao, macadamia nuts, permaculture, etc. Make sure to visit Valhalla Macadamia Nut Farm! Not picked the perfect travel backpack yet? The Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year! Our favourite carry on backpack is the Nomatic Travel Backpack.

Check out this post to read our full review! Below are my favorite books set in Guatemala. I seriously recommend reading a couple to understand the social, economic, and political atmosphere in Guatemala. Get your copy here. This coup led to the year civil war. The first official language of Guatemala is Spanish, but there are also 23 Mayan languages spoken here! Many Mayans in remote places do not speak Spanish, let alone English. This is quickly changing in the touristic areas.

Recipe Pamphlets in the Chef Louis Szathmáry Collection of Culinary Arts A-D

Now they speak Spanish and English. Una cerveza, por favor — One beer, please. No entiendo. Sorry — Disculpe pardon or lo siento emotional. On one hand, Guatemala is totally safe for backpackers, but I have extensive family here so I hear about all of the dangers and dicey stories. Most touristic areas are safe, but you do need to be careful for both petty theft and armed robberies mostly at night in isolated areas.

The most dangerous areas of Guatemala are generally congregated within certain zones of Guatemala City. In my experience, most robberies or assaults happen at night — when one or both parties are intoxicated. Walk in large groups from the bars, especially if you are a girl. Generally, do not travel after dark. There are staged muggings that target rental cars and luxury vehicles. The exception is the highway to Tikal, which is safe for overnight buses and vans. Chicken buses are also safe and cheap for getting around Guatemala, but there have been fatal accidents around the windy highlands.

I do not recommend riding chicken buses in Guatemala City due to gang violence and extortion. I wrote more about why here.