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World War II battlefield communications

It was used for by reconnaissance elements for intercommunication. Used by anti-tank units. It was used for by observation teams of the Sturmartillerie to communicate with artillery units. The German-army-issued infantry radios in two main series. The "Backpack" or Torn series and the field or Feld series.

World War II Battlefield Communications (Elite) | KSA | Souq

Formed the base design of other units. Used by the infantry at the regimental and battalion level. Not intended to be used on the move. It operated in the 1.

Otherwise identical to Torn. Used by artillery observers. Used by the infantry. A common infantry set.

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  6. A cable linked the two men together. It operated in the 4. Panzergrenadier units. Identical to Torn. It operated in the 2. Used at the battalion to company level of the Panzergrenadier. Some command and reconnaissance units had this infantry transceiver to allow then to talk to Panzergrenadier units.

    Sturmartillerie units.

    Gordon L. Rottman

    Replacement for Torn. Range 1. Feldfu b : MHz Used by the infantry used in two versions. The b version was used by the infantry until they changed to the 'c' model radio in another band. This unit was also used by motorcycle troops in the first half of the war. Thereafter version b1 was used by the Pioneers. Later a simplified version b2 , of lower power. Feldfu c : - MHz infantry. Feldfu d : 32 - 38 MHz Artillery Observers. Feldfu f : Could interwork with the Fug 5 of the armour. Single-unit "walkie-talkie" system.

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    Used by artillery forward observers. From the German forces started deploying a range of communication links using UHF frequencies to form a point-to-point mesh communication network. During the war this was extended to cover the majority of the occupied areas or Europe and North Africa. Both the army and the air force made use of the same equipment.

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    The units of the T series were "backpack"-style mobile equipment. The K series were truck mobile units using a range of masts up to approximately 11 m tall. The G series were still mobile but were intended to form more of a backbone for communications and were intended to remain in place for longer periods than the K. They again used a series of masts up to 50 m high. Range was line-or-sight so the ranges reported here were assuming the antenna could "see" one another.

    Tripod mast or 11 m mast. Transmission power 0. Power battery. DMG 3 K : Truck-mounted.

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    Channel 1, one voice channel or one CPS teletype. Channel 2 CPS teletype. Range up to 50 Km. Mast or tower.